Derek Hough & Kate Hudson Caught Dancing Together! (VIDEO)

Derek Hough & Kate Hudson

You're probably going to think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you watch this video -- so get ready. Believe it or not, this is a clip of Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough dancing with Kate Hudson (yes, that Kate Hudson) at a Cuban restaurant.

Derek Hough and Kate Hudson? How in the heck do these two even know each other? (Aside from the Glee connection, of course.)

And it's not like she's some sort of amateur who is drunkenly stumbling around the dance floor while he attempts to carry her so it looks like she's dancing.

Nope. Girl has some serious moves.



OMG! She's really, really good ... right?

Back to what in the world she's doing with Derek Hough. Unbeknownst to most of us, Kate and Derek are buddies, and he's been giving her private dance lessons for a few months now. (Who knew?)

Ok, let's cut to the chase. Who else thinks she has to be on the next season of DWTS, paired with Derek, of course?

First of all, she definitely appears to have natural talent, which would make her a front runner for sure. But who really cares about that? Duh. I know she's engaged to Matthew Bellamy and all -- but she and Derek seem to have some great chemistry going on. It would drive the rumor mills nuts if they were to appear on the show together.

Of course, Derek insists she'll never do the show -- but maybe she'll have a change of heart after watching this vid and seeing just how amazing her skills are?

Let's hope so. I mean, can you even imagine how high the ratings would be if Kate Hudson were part of the season 18 cast? ABC is sitting on a gold mine, and they probably don't even know it.

Would you root for Kate on DWTS?

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