Kate Middleton's Wardrobe Malfunction Is No Match for Her Perfect Hair (PHOTO)

Kate MiddletonOopsie! While attending a charity event earlier today, poor Kate Middleton's skirt blew up due to a gust of wind, leading to her having a classic Marilyn Monroe moment. (Deary me!)

Being the class act that she is, however -- Kate didn't even flinch. She was in the midst of thanking a little girl for offering her a bouquet of flowers, so she simply held her skirt down and kept right on chatting like nothing had ever happened.

But of course, wardrobe malfunctions of this sort don't typically happen to the Duchess of Cambridge, so everyone's talking about it.


But you know what? I honestly had to do a double-take when looking at this photo to even notice her skirt because I was so transfixed on how amazing her hair looks.

She's been wearing it down quite a bit lately, but I'm really digging this half-up look on her. It makes her gorgeous face stand out so much more and really brightens up her features. And given how obviously windy the weather conditions were, it's a wonder that every last strand seems to be perfectly in place!

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And look how shiny and lustrous her locks are. Yes, her hair always looks healthy. But something about this style makes it appear even more full and beautiful -- yet another thing we can envy Kate for.

There aren't many women who can escape the embarrassment of almost having their undies put on display simply because people are too focused on their beauty to give the wind a second thought.

Do you like Kate's hair half-up?


Image via Splash

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