Prince William Wants Something That Could Potentially Ruin His Marriage

Prince William and Kate MiddletonI don't know why, but lately more than ever, I have such a crush on Prince William. I mean, how could you not, right? The man is the heir to the British throne, an adorable father, and looks dapper as all hell in a nicely tailored suit. How cute is this, though: Apparently Prince William wants a video game system badly. A PlayStation 4, to be exact. But (and here's the cute part) he told London media outlets that even though he'd "like to get one," he wasn't sure "how his wife would feel about it."

Ha! A man actually considering how his lady would feel about him being pulled away from all reality for hours at a time? Yup, William may be the perfect gentleman. Kate Middleton's lucky! Not only can she revel in the fact that her husband wants to spend time with her, but she also has the perfect gift idea to get him for Christmas.


... well, sort of perfect. You see PlayStations and other gaming systems fall into that category of couple's gifts that are a little scary. You know, the "they will totally LOVE this but perhaps stop loving you when they get their hands on it" gift.

In a relationship, you want to do everything you can to make the other person happy. But when that happiness means you'll lose them to video games for two hours every other day ... who's happy then? Is something like a gaming system a good thing to have around the home if it means less time for the two of you to actually spend together after a long day? If it ruins communication between the two lovers, maybe not. I suppose, however, that's a decision you have to make on your own. 

Other gifts that fall into this category? Oh any iDevice there is, other similar gaming systems, essentially tech gadgets galore.

But hey, to each her own. I think Prince William's a responsible guy. I say, Kate, go on and get him a PlayStation. I think he could use a way to decompress every once in a while, don't you?

Have you ever regretted buying your loved one a new tech gadget?


Image via The British Monarchy/Flickr

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