Desiree Hartsock May Have Already Given Up on Romance With Chris Siegfried

desiree hartsock chris siegfriedWelp, the honeymoon is definitely over for these two, and the wedding hasn't even happened yet. Here was Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried's Sunday afternoon: He went to a Seahawks game and she went grocery shopping. Why do I know this? Because Des and Chris are conducting their relationship via Twitter, that's why. Desiree tweeted her lament during the game, and now I'm kind of wondering if it was a cry for help. Is it over before it's even begun for these two? Can this relationship be saved?!?


Just kidding, it's not so bad as that. Here's what Des tweeted:

And then Chris replied with, "I love you babe! Be home soon :)" Um, where's the part where you two say something amazing that makes me sigh? It's not happening here. Also, can I just say? This is a conversation Desiree and Chris could have had over text message. I mean, that's what the rest of us would have done. I don't even know if this would be Facebook-worthy for us non-celebs.

Anyway, I'd like to help Desiree out a little. Why guilt Chris over having fun while she's stuck doing chores on the homestead? She should try to make him envious of her grocery shopping adventure instead! Des, I'll get you started with a few tweets.

@ChrisRSiegfried Will you look at these melons? #OMG #Wowza #produce #ButStill

@ChrisRSiegfried Changed my mind: Am fully committing to veganism & so are you. #veganaise

@ChrisRSiegfried Oscar Mayer just showed me his huge, beefy wiener and it's all I can think of now. #wishyouwereanoscarmayerwiener

@ChrisRSiegfried Just opened the freezer section and realized I forgot to put on a bra! Whoopsie! #NoSelfieThisTime

@ChrisRSiegfried Oh okay, I'll post a selfie.

@ChrisRSiegfried Haha, it was just my face! Too bad you're at the game and not grocery shopping with me here.

@ChrisRSiegfried It's been a while since you responded to any of my tweets. Are we still engaged?

@ChrisRSiegfried Guess who I just ran into in the cereal aisle? @BrooksForester! And he's crying ...

@ChrisRSiegfried OMG, he just flash-mob proposed to me! This is the happiest day of my life!!! #Bubye #GoodLuckandAll

@ChrisRSiegfried Okay, so I just finished with my shopping. I was just kidding about Brooks. #sorrynotsorry

@ChrisRSiegfried Hello? You still there?

Do you think it's weird that Desiree tells the Twitterverse what she and Chris are doing on a Sunday even when they're not together?


Image via hartsdesire4/Instagram

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