Catherine Giudici Gives Sean Lowe a Birthday Gift That Stinks

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Last week was a big one for Bachelor Sean Lowe, as he celebrated his 30th birthday in style with a big party at the Mirage in Las Vegas. (What ... you mean you weren't there?)

And it looks like he had one hell of a time -- and the gift he most appreciated was having Catherine Giudici right by his side. (Aww. Whatta gent.)

But of course, she had to get her groom-to-be a little token to commemorate his big day. Wait until you hear what Sean's birthday gift from Catherine was. It's a doozie.


Shoes. Yep ... shoes.

She bought him this $300 pair of Air Jordan sneaks, which he proudly showed off on Instagram.

Air Jordan sneakers

He captioned the pic with, "Greatest fiancée in the world! Can't believe @catherinegiudici got these for me. Lucky man!"

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Aww. How sweet that he's digging her gift.

But is anyone else a little surprised that she gave him sneakers? That's the type of present you give someone after you've been married for at least a couple of years -- being that shoes are not exactly the most romantic thing out there. (Unless you're a gal who's presented with a pair of Manolos or something.)

For one thing, she knows his shoe size, which is a total wife thing, right? (I'm not ashamed to admit I'm not sure of my husband's size. I've been married for 10 years. Fail.)

Yeah ... they're totally acting like an old married couple already, which makes me curious as to what Catherine will wind up giving Sean for his 31st birthday after they're hitched next year. Socks? Underwear? A new tool set? The possibilities are endless.

Let's just hope they keep the romance going in other areas, if you know what I mean -- otherwise, birthdays could prove to be a bit of a downer from here on out.

Do you give your husband romantic or practical birthday gifts?


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