Sean Lowe Has No Clue How Much Stress a TV Wedding Is Causing Catherine

catherine giudici sean loweFormer Bachelor Sean Lowe cannot wait to be a married man. He's so fired up about it that he was gushing (yes, GUSHING!) about his and fiancee Catherine Giudici's upcoming wedding day to Life & Style during an exclusive interview at his 30th birthday bash at 1OAK nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend.

The reality star groom-to-be admitted, "We’ve been wedding planning all week and it will be the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever seen. We want the ceremony to be really traditional and special. We want the reception to be a big party. We got her family and my family coming together to have a blast.” Aww! Fun! Sounds perfect! But then, he was asked about the TV cameras factoring into their Big Day ...


Sean spouted off:

I want to marry this woman! I’m not really concerned about the fact that millions of people may be watching. I don’t care about the flowers and everything that goes into the wedding. I just want to marry her.

That's cute and all, but he kinda has to care that millions of people may be watching! A televised wedding isn't at all the same thing as a regular down-home Dallas affair this guy's used to. It's no wonder Catherine can't seem to stop yapping about her wedding diet this and her wedding workout that. She's obviously feeling the pressure of preparing to walk down the aisle on primetime TV! And if that's not crossing Sean's mind, he's more clueless than we even knew.

Okay, okay, maybe I'm being too hard on the guy. Perhaps he just meant that he'll be happy to get carried away in the moment with Catherine, despite being on center stage and in front of ABC's cameras. How sweet. Truly. But Sean should also be aware and sensitive to the fact that saying "I do" in front of the whole world adds unique, additional pressures (as if getting married weren't stressful enough!) that Catherine may not be able to brush off as easily.

Would you ever want to deal with the pressures of getting married on TV?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Instagram

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