Robert Pattinson's 5 Hottest Dressed-Down Looks (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Nov 18, 2013 Celebrities

Robert PattinsonLet's face it: Robert Pattinson looks damn good in a suit. Sure, a lot of Hollywood A-listers, well, they can pull the whole dressy handsome stud with a pocket square thing pretty well. But Rob? He's just got this magical ability to rock a suit well every damn time. Maybe it's his adoration for Gucci.

With that said, though, the Twilight star and confused lover of Kristen Stewart may also have some of the best casual style in Hollywood. The guy puts on a gray zip-up hoodie and instantaneously looks like a gosh darn advertisement for American Apparel. It must be all those days of modeling pre-Edward.

I'm serious. Check out Rob's 5 sexiest casual looks, here:

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Do you think Rob looks better dressed up or dressed down?

Image via Pacific Coast News

  • Dark & Mysterious


    Image via Splash News

    Rob and flannel go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Take your pick.

  • Bluesy


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    Blue on blue on blue, Rob's looking, well, pretty blue. Sexy and blue, though!

  • Hangin' in a White Tee


    Image via Splash News

    Seen here hanging on the set of Cosmopolis, Rob does this graphic T-shirt justice.

  • Just a Young Lad


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    This is Rob before he ever did a Twilight movie, and man, does he STILL look handsome. That hoodie just screams, "I'm gonna be a star one day."

  • V-Necks Are for Rob


    Image via Splash News

    Well hello handsome. Casual as ever in jeans and a black V-neck, Rob's all about ease. And see that Yankees hat? Sexiness just went up three extra points.

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