Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Dream Mansion Is Missing This Important Thing

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestRemember that amazing 14,000-square-foot Italian-style villa Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought back in January? You know, the one with the movie theater, bowling alley, basketball court, and hair and makeup salon? Well, it may be a dream, but they don't want it anymore. OK, so that's a bit suggestive, but they've surely set their sights on some new real estate. Apparently Kim and Kanye want something more private, so they're seeking out an empty plot of land currently owned by Dr. Dre. Yup, they want to build their own secluded palace and it won't be cheap, either. The plot alone is going for $10 million. Casual, really.

Am I surprised that Kim and Kanye want something bigger, better, more private? Of course not. But if I had a house as fabulous as Kim and Kanye's Italian-style villa, I'm not exactly sure I'd be running to grab another just around the corner. OK that's a lie -- I wouldn't. 


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Granted, everyone has certain things they value more than others when looking for their dream home. Oftentimes when you're on the hunt, there are things you have to sacrifice in favor of others. For example, if you want a home that's near the public transportation system, then you may need to sacrifice your hope of having a big front yard. If you're someone who loves white walls and wood floors, you may opt for something that's one story instead of two if it has the perfect airy feel you were looking for. If you want privacy, you may have to give up that ocean-front view in a crowded beach neighborhood. Each home is different. So is each family.

Granted, Kim and Kanye are building this house from scratch and they're gazillionaires, so they can have everything they want (and more). If only we were all that lucky.

What is the most important thing you looked for when hunting for a place? Do you think privacy is more important than aesthetics?

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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