‘SNL’s Kimye Spoof Nails Kanye West's Controlling Behavior a Little TOO Well (VIDEO)

kim kardashian and kanye westNot a week goes by when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't the butt of some hilarious joke. The latest comes compliments of the Saturday Night Live recently hosted by Lady Gaga. The skit features Jay Pharoah as Kanye and Nasim Pedrad as Kim hosting their own talk show, Wake Up With Kimye. You gotta see it.


Faux Kanye starts off by saying, "What better way to start off your morning than with our energy, my opinions, and the sound of Kim's voice?" Ugh. Can you imagine if that were real! In the skit, you will see a bombastic, self-centered Kanye talking about how FANTASTIC his woman is. He is making her out to be a genius on the same level as Mark Zuckerberg. The bit also makes the rapper appear frighteningly controlling.

There is no doubt that this will totally piss off Kanye. He has the thinnest skin of any celebrity out there. Not long ago, he launched a Twitter war against Jimmy Kimmel. The reason? The late night host spoofed a BBC interview Kanye had done in which he called himself the #1 rock star on the planet. Not surprising from a man who likens himself to God. 

But what is shocking is how he reacts when he is criticized or made fun of. He thinks he should be beyond reproach. Like the public has no right to an opinion on his behavior despite the fact he says he is literally better than everyone else in the universe. And the fact that he is now marrying Kim Kardashian just makes him an even bigger target. Still, he cannot accept that people do not respect his woman. He is offended every time they take issue with her credibility or that she has no discernible talent.

So, I can just imagine what he will say about this parody. Hope the cast of SNL is ready for the attack. I have no doubt it's coming.

What do you think about all the Kanye or Kardashian spoofs? Deserved or just plain mean?

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