Lea Michele Can't Stop Bragging About Her First Music Video (PHOTOS)

Lea Michele music videoFrom following Lea Michele on Twitter and Instagram, it seems like this lady never stops. One second, she's filming an emotional scene on the set of Glee, the next she's on-set shooting an Elle cover, and then she's off to the next project. Her latest gig? Working on her upcoming album. Michele posted photos from her first music video shoot over the weekend, and although there's no insider info as to the vibe of her upcoming studio album -- we do know it'll include a tribute song to late boyfriend Cory Monteith

Check out the stellar stills from Lea's video shoot, here: 


You can't tell she's FREAKING OUT, can you? All right, so the woman is totally entitled. This a huge deal. Lea's about to break into a whole other world, a world outside of Glee. She's about to show the world who Lea is and try to leave Rachel Berry behind.

I for one can't wait to see the results!

What kind of music do you think Lea Michele is going to put out? Are you excited to see her move into this new phase of her life?


Images via MsLeaMichele/Twitter

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