Kate Middleton & Prince William's Sweetest Quotes About Parenthood

william and kateIt isn't everyday that we hear what Kate Middleton and Prince William are thinking -- straight from their mouths. So often it's "sources say" or "according to reports". So when they talk, we listen. Especially when it's pertaining to their adorable son, Prince George.

Here are 8 heart-meltingly sweet quotes about parenthood, direct from the Duke and Duchess.

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  • On Their First Evening Without Him


    "This is actually our first evening out without him, so please excuse us if you see us nervously casting surreptitious glances at our mobile phones to check all is well back home."

    -Prince William

  • On Prince George's Cry


    "As you might have gathered, Catherine and I have recently become proud parents -- of a baby who has a voice to match any lion’s roar!"

    -Prince William


  • On Who Georgie Looks Like


    "Like most babies, he's got a mix of both of us."

    -Kate Middleton


  • On Who Georgie Looks Like (to Wills)

    "[Our son] has Catherine's looks, thankfully."
    -Prince William
  • On the World Prince George Will Grow Up in


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    "Like any new parents, our thoughts inevitably turn to the world that our child will inherit."

    -Prince William

  • On What It's Like to Be a Parent

    "It's such a special time. I think any parent would know what this feeling feels like."
    -Kate Middleton
  • On Meeting George for the First Time


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    "He's got a good set of lungs on him. He's a big boy; he's quite heavy. We're still working on a name. This is the first time we've seen him; we're having a proper chance to catch up."
    -Prince George
  • On William Being an Awesome Dad


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    "He's done the first nappy (diaper)!"

    -Kate Middleton

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