'Breaking Bad' Alternate Ending Will Make You Scream -- With Laughter (VIDEO)

breaking bad alternate endingSill mulling over that Breaking Bad final episode? Well calm down, because we've got an alternate Breaking Bad ending that's a whole lot easier to take. It's going in the DVD package, but if only it were real. Alas, this one's a satire. Bryan Cranston wakes up next to his Malcolm in the Middle co-star, Jane Kaczmarek. Now Walter is Hal again, and he wants to tell Lois all about the scariest dream he just had. "I was this meth dealer!" Lois laughs.


You have to see the clip. It's loaded with hilarious Breaking Bad jokes. Everything's thrown into a jumble, and yeah, it all does start to sound like one crazy nightmare. Lois puts it all down to Hal's eating a deep-fried Twinkie right before bed -- and to his growing a beard. They Hal tries to pull the moves on Lois while she has her back turned, and it doesn't really work for him. "Stop poking me with that thing!" Oh well. At least it really was all a bad dream. OR WAS IT? Wait until you see what's sitting in the chair next to Hal's bed.

Which Breaking Bad ending do you like better?


Image via Michael Davies/YouTube

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