10 Products Kate Middleton Uses To Look Gorgeous

Lisa Fogarty | Nov 22, 2013 Celebrities

Kate Middleton is naturally gorgeous. But that doesn't stop her from spending nearly $200,000 each year in order to keep up her good looks. If money were no object, many of us might choose to do the same, but the great thing is -- so many of the beauty products that the Duchess relies on to achieve her glowing complexion and flawless face really aren't as expensive as you'd think! And with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to peruse her list of favorites and either treat yourself or provide some helpful hints to others who'd love nothing more than to treat you like the princess you are. 


Even though Kate could afford to fill her vanity with any number of luxurious designer items, the down-to-earth mom chooses instead to mix high and low. She's also smart enough to realize that some of the most effective skin and makeup products can be purchased at your local drugstore. 

Here's a look at 10 beauty products that Kate uses -- many of which won't break the bank. 


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