Alec Baldwin Makes Shocking Sacrifice for Wife & Baby

alec baldwinAlec Baldwin has HAD IT, do you hear me? HAD IT with the paparazzi constantly stalking his wife and child. Baldwin got into trouble this weekend when a photographer claimed he called him a "c--ksucking f--." Baldwin admits to the first name but says he did not use the second. In response, MSNBC suspended Baldwin's show, Up Late With Alec Baldwin. In true Alec fashion, he apologized for verbally attacking the photog... but then Baldwin wrote up a scathing rant on Huffington Post denouncing the media for baiting him and harassing his wife and daughters.


"If quitting the television business, the movie business, the theater, any component of entertainment, is necessary in order to bring safety and peace to my family, then that is an easy choice," wrote. Would he really do it? Who knows -- I get the feeling it's probably something he's been considering for a while. But then, can a life outside of entertainment really contain his out-sized personality?

To tell you the truth, even though he sounds paranoid, I kind of think he's right. It does seem like there's some sick kind of game going on with the paparazzi and Baldwin, like they're on assignment to make news by provoking him into bad behavior. And it's getting old. Someday we'll all get tired of their poke-the-bear routine. No, you know what? We're already tired of it. Time to move on and get over your grudge match, guys.

Do you think Alec Baldwin is being deliberately provoked just for the stories?


Image via MSNBC

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