Lamar Odom's Amazing News Might Be Just What His Marriage to Khloe Needs

Khloe KardashianRumors of Lamar Odom's imminent ruination might be a bit premature. Reportedly, the baller, who has been struggling with drug addiction and marriage problems, has met with the Los Angeles Clippers' coach in hopes of being signed to the team again. USA Today Sports reports:

The Clippers have an available roster spot and are believed to have serious interest in signing Odom.

Wow. Would they really be that interested in signing up a guy who has supposedly been having almost non-stop crack-fueled ragers? Or could all of that stuff been highly exaggerated?


Lamar was arrested for DUI in August and has been in the headlines for drug addiction, cheating, and marriage problems almost constantly this year. It was about the time that he had the worst season of his career with the Clippers that he began having so many personal issues.

It's quite possible that a return to the NBA could save not only himself, but his marriage. After all, partying like that would be nearly impossible if you're playing pro every day. Though let's remember Lamar was suspended twice in 2001 for violating the NBA's drug policies. Sooooo ... maybe not. But I'd think he couldn't do the huge amount of partying he was supposedly doing lately if he's gotta play. His team would never forgive him. 

Lamar's self-esteem would no doubt rebound big time too if he was back on the court. Cleaning up his act, and getting his mojo back, could be the exact thing he needs to save his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Despite all of the rumors of it only being a matter of time until they divorce, Khloe hasn't seem to have entirely given up on her Lammykins. And it looks like neither has the NBA.

I hope this rumor is true because losing your career is one of the hardest things imaginable. It doesn't entirely explain a descent into hedonism, but it certainly contributes to it.

With Lamar back on the court, he would have every reason to stay clean and get his life in order -- and that include patching things up with the woman who has loved him all of this time.

Would that be a good thing for Khloe? None of us knows exactly what is going on in their marriage, but Khloe has always been pretty level-headed. She'll make the right decision when the time is right.

If Lamar gets back on the team and team wins another championship, it could be the comeback of the decade!

Do you think Lamar being back in the NBA will save their marriage?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram


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