Jimmy Kimmel's Ex-Girlfriend Has Hilariously Embarrassing Surprises for Him (VIDEO)

It's never fun when you run into the ex who dumped you -- and he's now skinny, married, and more successful than ever. But Sarah Silverman was a trooper when she went on her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's show to promote her new HBO comedy special and to give her ex back some things allegedly belonging to him. Sarah, who dated Kimmel for seven years before they parted ways and he married his head writer Molly McNearney, came onstage with a big white box marked "Jimmy's stuff." Later on, the sassy comedienne had a much bigger surprise in store for her ex.


To Jimmy's nervous laughter, Sarah began pulling his stuff out of the box, including a humongous pair of jeans -- a jibe at Jimmy's former hefty weight.

"You could cinch them or something," Sarah offered.

Then she pulled out a collage made up of old photos of just Jimmy heads. "I made this collage out of all the heads that I cut out of our pictures together," she explained, creepily.

But the biggest laugh came when a little boy ran onstage asking, "Mommy, mommy, am I going to meet Daddy tonight?" Sarah hissed: "Your Daddy's dead, go backstage!"

The whole thing must have been awkward for the pair, who do not seem to hang out together off stage, but obviously they are still mature enough to handle each other's presence, given that Sarah was on the show. Plus, it was really time for Jimmy to know he had a kid!

Have you ever had an awkward run-in with an ex?

Image via ABC

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