'Photo' of 65-Year-Old Kate Middleton Is Surprisingly Believable

kate middletonEven though we learned last week that Kate Middleton is going gray before our very eyes, her golden years are definitely a ways off! But that doesn't mean we can't get a preview of what she'll look like when she reaches them! In honor of Prince Charles' milestone birthday yesterday, graphic designers at the website Voucher Codes Pro decided to show us what Duchess Catherine will look like at 65 ... in January 2047! 

And while similar "conceptual" images have been a bit ridiculous, eyebrow-raisin, or downright creepy, this new glimpse at the Duchess' possible future look is ... completely believable! She looks gorgeous!


For some reason, I'm getting a Helen Mirren vibe, but maybe that's just because she's one of the most gorgeous, famous British women in that age bracket right now. (She's 68.)

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I'm also totally buying that, aside from the gray hair (if she decides to let it go silver, as the graphic artists seem to predict she will), Kate really won't show her age that much. After all, not only has she been blessed with naturally porcelain complexion, but think about all the advancements they'll make with anti-aging creams and minimally-invasive procedures over the next three decades! When we 30-somethings are our parents' ages, I'd bet 65 will be the new 45 (or younger!), at least in terms of how we look.

The Voucher Codes Pro folks also offered renditions of an aged Prince William and Prince Harry, and while they both look perfectly dashing, there's no doubt: Just as she is now, Kate will remain the most glam by far!

What do you think of "Kate at 65"?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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