Kate Middleton's Maternity Style -- 7 Items You Can Buy Right Now (PHOTOS)

There are so many reasons why being pregnant is wonderful. But shopping for maternity clothing isn't always one of them. Unless you are keen on spending big bucks -- and how many of us are when we know we won't be able to wear these pieces for the rest of our lives -- our options are often limited to horrible fake wool stretch work pants, the same ol' T-shirt with some cute saying about your bump, and leggings, which prove to be the best item of clothing ever invented. 

But we all know one woman who killed it during pregnancy. Kate Middleton. Yeah, I know she has buckets of money and every designer on earth wants to dress her, but the thing is: she really didn't always spend $2 million to look fabulous. We can all look as good as Kate did while preggers. 


While carrying Prince George, the Duchess chose to dress in so many pieces by U.K.-based maternity designer Seraphine that the store achieved an enormous amount of success and was even able to open another boutique in a sought-after section of London thanks to "the Kate effect." Pretty cool for them. 

But the great news for us is that we, too, can snag the amazingly chic yet classy pieces worn by Kate. Granted, we'll have to spend more money than we would at Target, but why not give ourselves the royal treatment for the holidays or our baby shower? 

Here are four great Seraphine looks that Kate made wildly popular -- and three more we can picture her wearing in her second pregnancy. 


Image via Splash

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