Slice of Kate Middleton's Wedding Cake Fetches Obscene Price at Auction

royal wedding cupcakesCouples have been known to spend big money on a wedding cake. It's their big day, so they want it to be epic, right? But even if you thought nothing of spending a few Gs on your day's dessert, spending $4,000 on a slice of wedding cake might make you gulp. What kind of flour and frosting concoction could cost that much? Oh, just Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal wedding cake.

No word on whether it was made with royal icing (I jest), but a slice from the nearly two-year-old cake went up for auction, and someone had the idiocy pocketbook to put down some serious bank to gobble it up. Er, metaphorically, of course.


Can you really see someone spending $4,000 -- or $4,160 to be more precise -- on some food and then actually eating it?

If they did, I'm thinking we all pool our money and gather $4,000 together ... then pay for the permission to slap that idiot, amirite?

Let's just set aside the fact that this cake was made way back in April 2011 and therefore probably tastes something like one of the Duchess' fascinators these days. Putting $4,000 in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing is probably one of the most disgusting displays of over-privilege that comes to mind.

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This doesn't just apply to old slices of wedding cake that may or may not have brushed the knife used by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (wait, do royals do the whole cake cut and smush thing?). I'm always flummoxed by fancy overpriced eats.

Is there anyone out there who could actually feel good about themselves after eating a $1,000 "golden sundae" or a $3,000 pizza?

Here's hoping this mysterious bidder -- gee, I wonder why they kept themselves anonymous -- does the smart thing, at least the smartest thing that can be done after that bizarre bid. Put it under glass and just look and know you own a piece of royal history.

All right Kate and Wills fans, be honest: what would YOU do with a slice of their wedding cake?


Image via Lola's Big Adventure!/Flickr

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