Kim Kardashian’s Latest Bags Aren’t Designer -- They’re Under Her Eyes (PHOTO)

You guys. Kim Kardashian went out in public looking a little bit frumpy. Ok, still pretty glam for most of us, but she definitely wasn’t as done up as she normally is when she went to lunch with a friend in LA on Thursday.

She wore ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt -- and some very dark circles under her eyes. I’m willing to bet that 5-month-old North has something to do with that baggage.


It’s actually kind of nice to see Kim as a normal new mom. She has an infant at home and she’s human. Of course she’s tired! And with eye circles like that, I bet that when Nori cries in the middle of the night, her mama is right there with her.

I’m glad she decided to step out without spending eleventy bajillion hours primping first. Life’s too short for that when you have kids, and you need those little lunch escapes with friends to recharge.

That’s way more important than maintaining a flawless image.

Was primping important to you when you were a new mom?


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