Barbara Walters Goes Into Full Diva Mode at 'Catching Fire' Screening

Barbara WaltersOh, Babs. Believe it or not, Barbara Walters dominated the headlines during a screening of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which the rest of us normal folk get to see on November 22. On Wednesday, apparently she acted exactly like my 87-year-old grandmother would have had I taken her to see this movie: Screaming orders at her "minions" and constantly asking questions about what was going on.

Walters, 84, apparently had four assistants to help her, um, go to the movie. They also wiped her spectacles. A source says, “She was so rude and entitled ... She was there with, like, four lackeys who completely bowed to her. Having someone there to clean your glasses is nuts. During the movie she talked through the entire thing with one assistant.”

There's nothing more annoying than someone chattering throughout a screening. And seriously -- working on The View, shouldn't Babs have some inclination of what this movie is about?


On top of finding it rather hilarious that this is making the news (though, yes, I realize I must care enough for whatever reason to write about it, sad face), it's mildly entertaining to picture a crabby, high-maintenance Babs screaming out questions during this movie about who the hell all these characters are and what the hell they're doing up there. She went to the screening at Magno Screening Room in Midtown, and she was reportedly confused by everything she was seeing. Let's hope The View has no plans to interview Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, or Liam Hemsworth any time soon.

“Every time someone came onscreen, she’d say out loud, ‘Who’s that?’ Then an assistant would fill her in,” says the source. “She even asked, ‘Is that Jennifer Lawrence?’ which is weird considering she was probably watching the movie in preparation for an interview.”

I find it a bit hard to believe that Barbara didn't know who Jennifer Lawrence was, so some of these claims may have been exaggerated. (Sources on the Internet exaggerate? This is downright shocking.) Needless to say, on a more serious note, if this story is in fact true, let's hope it doesn't mean that Barbara's struggling with memory issues as she gets older. That is definitely no laughing matter. We are currently dealing with this with my own aforementioned grandmother, and there is no way we could take her to a movie like Catching Fire and expect her to have any clue what is going on.

So perhaps Babs should retire in peace and leave the movie screenings to the experts. She announced in May that she will retire in the summer of 2014. It's probably best for her to step out of the limelight for now if any of these rumors are true ... and perhaps catch up on her young adult novel reading.

Do you think Barbara was being rude during the screening, or was she just genuinely confused?


Image via Rubenstein/Wikimedia Commons

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