Taylor Armstrong SLAMS Brandi Glanville & Her 'Trashy Mouth'

taylor armstrong brandi glanvilleTaylor Armstrong doesn't like Brandi Glanville. And she's making NO bones about it. After a particularly gross and rude comment Brandi made about Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupa, Armstrong told TMZ: "It never surprises me because Brandi can't keep her f--king trashy mouth shut. Who talks about another woman's vagina? It's so gross and so classless and it's pretty consistent with how she is. You don't talk about another woman like that, and what business of it is hers who Yolanda's husband was sleeping with? That is so gross to me."

Now. I bet you're wondering what Brandi said in the first place, aren't you?


Okay, here's how it started. While on Watch What Happens Live, Glanville, for whatever reason, felt the need to share that she thinks/knows that Joanna Krupa slept with Yolanda Foster's ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid. "Joanna had sex with Mohamed [while he was still married to Yolanda]," Glanville said on the show. "It was one of many affairs. It's not the exact situation. But Mohamed and Yolanda are great now." After the comments, Krupa tweeted, "No wonder her husband left her," referencing Eddie leaving Brandi for LeAnn. To which Brandi then replied: "Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p--sy smelled. It's true! I'm not lying! And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, bitch. I win!"

Wow, right? Pretty classless. And talk about TMI. Buuuuut not sure why Taylor is involving herself in this situation. Vulgarly, too, dropping f-bombs and what not. If you ask me, Brandi really didn't have to talk about Joanna's lady bits (thanks, but no thanks on that), but Taylor also didn't have to insert herself into this. Armstrong also said, "You want to know why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will never be the same? Brandi Glanville ... I think if Brandi was nonexistent, all together it would be a better show." Damn, right? Seems like Taylor was just waiting for an excuse to blow up on Brandi.

Not sure what Brandi was thinking or hoping would happen after she made such inappropriate comments on WWHL, but she clearly regret what she said. After the taping, she tweeted: "My morning is ruined. I'm crying and going back to sleep. It was not my intention to hurt anyone last night, I spoke my truth when asked a question, fought back when attacked."

Well, not sure you were the one who was attacked first, Brandi, but glad to see you feel a little remorse. And Taylor? All I can say is ... dang, yo. You hate Brandi with, like, the depths of your soul.

Do you think Brandi was out of line?


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