Kim Kardashian Shows Off Super Flat Tummy in Sexy Outfit (PHOTO)

kim kardashianA little television personality you may have heard of, Kim Kardashian, was recently spotted out doing what she does best: Walking around and getting her photo taken. It was awesome. We saw her eyes, her hair, her hands. Really doesn't get much better than this, guys. Except for the fact that we also saw Kim's tiny, flat, post-baby stomach. I know, right?! A moment in time if there ever was one! Kim was seen wearing a tight pencil skirt and crop top -- and is it just me, or does she look thinner than ever right now?


Despite Kim's desire to keep daughter North out of the public eye, the reality star has had zero qualms about showing off her newly trimmed physique. Since giving birth, Kim has wore a number of revealing outfits -- and this skirt/midriff-baring situation? It's one of her tamer ensembles. And if I may be so bold as to say: One of her best post-baby outfits to date.

Would I ever wear this? Um, hell no. It's not my style. But it looks really good on Kim, who really likes showing off her body. It isn't crazy in yo' face, like some of her previous outfits, yet it still manages to accentuate her curves and show off all the goods. And, somewhat unrelated: Is it just me or is Kim really into crop tops lately?

If Kim is going to continue on her every-outfit-must-reveal-something kick, I say she sticks with clothing like this. What she's got going on here is the best of both worlds: It's revealing, yet it still offers a tiny sliver of mystique. Nailed it.

What do you think of how Kim is dressing lately?


Image via Splash

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