Bruce Jenner Has Some Jaw-Dropping Things to Say About His Relationship With Kris

bruce jennerI've been thinking about Bruce Jenner, wondering how the poor guy is faring since his split with Kris Jenner. But maybe I shouldn't worry -- it sounds like he's doing all right. In fact, maybe he's doing better than before the breakup. Bruce opened up about his post-Kris life recently and put a positive spin on the breakup. Apparently they see each other every day! Hello, what's the point of splitting if you're going to see your ex all the time? Well ... I guess for some people, it's just better that way.

"She supports me. I see her every day. We're doing absolutely great,” Bruce told People. I imagine he's sugarcoating it a bit -- but probably just a bit. Some couples really can be friends soon after a breakup. In fact, sometimes breaking up makes a couple even better friends.


Remember Courteney Cox and David Arquette? Talk about exes becoming BFFs! I'm sure it hasn't all been sunshine and roses since they divorced, but it seems like they truly love and support each other. Every marriage is a mystery -- and so is every divorce. You just never know.

I just had breakfast with my ex-husband yesterday, and it was actually quite pleasant. We see each other all the time -- almost every day. We live not too far from each other, and we have a child. Actually, we both obsessively dote over the kid. If it weren't for our son, we might have drifted apart by now. And after 16 years together, I think that would have been a little sad.

I can't tell you we're better friends than ever now and that we've been laughing all the way to Family Court. It's been hard at times (even without a reality TV show). But I think we both support each other, and I think in the long run our relationship will be better for our divorce. It's not the craziest thing in the world. If anything, it's definitely better for our son that way.

Do you think it's possible for exes to be friends?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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