LeAnn Rimes' Latest Publicity Stunt Was at Least for a Good Cause

leann rimesSometimes I am right about things. Other times (don't tell anyone) I am very, very wrong. Sometimes I have grand sweeping opinions about things that are ultimately of zero consequence. Yesterday all of these things happened at once in an article I wrote about LeAnn Rimes. I dissed and dismissed LeAnn for using Brandi Glanville's burgeoning fame for strictly selfish reasons. I pointed out that this was gross.

While I still stand by the grossness and the fame-grabbing, I am slightly pink-cheeked over what, exactly, LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian were up to that had her mysteriously tweeting about "danger." Turns out that while I was sneering and eating a whole pizza, LeAnn was participating in an event to benefit war veterans.


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Sources say I am a "pot-stirrer, eager to look for any failing LeAnn might make with no thoughts to her complexity as a human being." Those sources are correct. LeAnn, I still think the way you and Brandi go at it is weird and gross, but I can't get my hate-on and direct it toward you when you are skydiving in order to help veterans achieve their own skydiving dreams. Because I am not a total monster, pizza consumption levels aside. Herein ends my apology. Please picture me standing outside of your window holding up a boombox that is blasting "Blue."

ALL OF THAT SAID -- I cannot help but wonder whether or not LeAnn and Eddie would have still hosted this event if they weren't also shooting a six-part reality mini-series about their life and marriage. There was an awful lot of making out captured for a day about community service to our vets. "SUSPECT," I cry. "The whole deal is suspect!" Then I wipe a pepperoni from atop my bosom and carry on with my day feeling only slightly better about my non-existent relationship with LeAnn Rimes.

Do you think LeAnn's motives in hosting the event were genuine?


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