Climactic 'When Harry Met Sally' Flash Mob Stuns Deli Customers (VIDEO)

when harry met sally sceneHow weird would it be if you were in a place where a scene from one of your favorite movies was filmed -- and people started re-enacting that very scene? How weird would it be if that scene happened to be the orgasm-faking scene from When Harry Met Sally -- and every woman in Katz's Deli started copying Meg Ryan's ersatz ecstasy? That's exactly what happened to a bunch of unsuspecting pastrami-eaters in NYC recently, thanks to the roving comedy troupe Improv Everywhere -- and the results are predictably hilarious.

The prank starts small, with one couple performing the now classic dialogue, but -- fittingly, perhaps -- snowballs, ending with a BIG finish.


And the reaction of onlookers is, naturally, priceless. I guess people would flip out even if this hadn't happened in a movie -- meaning, a bunch of women pretending to have an orgasm in the middle of a deli would make anybody sit up and take notice, even in New York City -- but the fact that this bit is instantly recognizable says a lot about the staying power of that particular film. I can't think of a single movie that's come out in the past five years with an equally memorable scene, can you? 

Anyway. Check out this clip -- and be prepared to crack up!

Can you imagine witnessing this crazy experiment in person? I'm afraid I might have choked!

What would you have done if you were sitting in this deli?

Image via Improv Everywhere/YouTube

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