New North West Photos Show a Smiling Pint-Sized Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

North West and Italian DesignerBaby North West has been around for about five months now, and in those five months, mama Kim Kardashian has been pretty selective about letting the world see her baby girl up close and personal. But when you've got such an adorable little munchkin as North, it's hard not to gloat about your beautiful baby girl. Kim posted two new photos of North to her Instagram account last night. The first one? With her "new stylist" and Italian designer Riccardo Tisci.

But the second photo, well, that's the one that I literally can't stop ogling at. Smiling mighty wide, North looks just about as cute as they come. Captioned "LOL" I can't help but wonder that even though his baby looks so happy, dad Kanye West may be less than pleased. Here, look at the latest adorable photo of North West:


north west

I told you she was adorable! And wow, up close you can really see that she has Kim's eyes, don't you think?

But let's think about this, shall we? Up until this week there have been, what -- three photos of North West released into the world? Things have been very hush hush, and for a reason: Kanye made it very clear before his baby was born that he didn't want her to be all over the media. Heck, remember when Kim told Jimmy Kimmel that she and Kanye were going to keep their baby private until "he or she" was old enough to decide what they wanted to do? Well, I guess that plan fell through.

I'm just interested to see if the latest stream of photos a la Kim Kardashian's Instagram account come to a screeching stop. I for one surely hope not. More North!

Would you be protective of photos of your baby coming out into the world? Or do you think sharing is just something all new moms can't help but do?


Images via KimKardashian/Instagram

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