Miranda Kerr's 'SELF' Cover Is Orlando Bloom's Worst Nightmare (PHOTO)

Miranda Kerr SELFUhhhhhh ... damn. Have you seen Miranda Kerr's new SELF cover? If not, then prepare for your day (and your self-esteem) to be pretty much ruined. Have you ever seen abs this flat -- especially on the mother of a 2-year-old?

In her interview in the issue, Miranda describes being happier than ever -- not that anyone can blame her. Wouldn't you be bouncing off the walls with joy if you looked that incredible?

I'm still kind of scratching my head over what exactly went wrong between her and Orlando Bloom. But one thing's for sure -- if this cover photo isn't enough to convince him that he got the crappier end of the deal, then nothing is.


I know they supposedly have the most amicable separation in celeb couple history (eye roll), but you know what they say. Looking good is the best revenge. And it's hard not to wonder if something along the lines of "get a load of what you're missing, buddy" went through Miranda's head when she was taking part in this photo shoot.

Go ahead and admit it. Right after a breakup, you suddenly find yourself hitting the gym, putting a little more effort into getting ready in the morning, and generally caring more about your appearance. We all do. Indulging in a little bit of vanity is an integral part of the breakup process, because it reminds us that we've "still got it" -- though I'm not sure Miranda ever really lost "it" in the first place.

But even though she's transitioning into a new phase of her life, something tells me Miranda won't be single for very much longer. What dude in his right mind won't be all over her in a heartbeat after seeing this pic? (Besides Orlando Bloom, of course.)

Do you put more effort into looking good after a breakup?


Image via SELF

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