Kate Middleton's Bizarre Behavior at Event Gets Everyone Talking

kate middletonI love that this is "news." Did you know? Kate Middleton smiled and twirled her hair at a Remembrance Day ceremony Sunday. (Remembrance Day is basically England's Veterans Day, don't you know.) The royal family laid a wreath, there was a moment of silence, and the whole world gasped as Kate reached up with a gloved hand, grasped a lock of her shiny, be-curled hair, and worked its perfect spiral through her fingers. Primping, at such a solemn occasion! Well I never! But also, note to self: Buy curling iron tomorrow. Such is the power of Duchess Catherine.

But what was Kate thinking? I don't mean that as in "girl, what the hell are you thinking, twirling your hair like that?" I mean literally, what was Kate thinking about at the time? Here are our best guesses.


kate middleton twirling her hair

  1. It's so weird not to have Prince George in my arms right now. I hardly know what to do with my hands!
  2. I whip my hair back and forth/I whip my hair back and forth/I whip my hair back and forth ...
  3. Must remember to occasionally smooth my ringlets as per the royal hairdresser's instructions.
  4. Hmm, HRH William naked this morning, standing in that patch of sunlight by the window in the bathroom, so delicious.
  5. Yes, this navy coat was an excellent choice for my enamel poppy pin. What's the occasion again? So many ceremonies.
  6. Blimey, I need to pump or feed ASAP. About to explode with milk here. Please don't leak, girls!
  7. Michelle Obama ought to give extensions a try. I'm just saying.
  8. La ti da! La ti da.
  9. Am never cutting my hair like Princess Sophie's. Mark my words.
  10. Poor tabloids won't have a thing to write about this week if I don't think of something interesting to do. Um ... think of something interesting to do, think of something interesting to do, hmmm ...
  11. Did I remember to turn off the stove? Oh, silly me. I have servants to take care of that!
  12. Oh God, I have so many names to remember at the reception when this is over. Better go over my list one more time.
  13. Yeah bitchez, I'm twirling my damn hair. Wot ya gonna do, eh?

Do you think Kate had any idea she'd cause such a stir with such a simple gesture?


Image via Splash News

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