Prince George Gets T-Shirt So Cool Prince William Wants It for Himself

prince william prince georgeGet ready to have your heart explode. Prince William received the cutest gift for Prince George recently in the form of an itty-bitty rugby jersey with his name printed on the back. Squee! The honorary jersey is a gift from the Wales rugby team and was presented to Wills in the locker room by team captain Sam Warburton. The Duke of Cambridge looks so excited, accepting this adorable gift! And George's number is lucky 7 to boot!


William and Kate have no doubt received their fair share of cutesy and clever baby gifts since the Duchess gave birth in July, but this one has to delight papa a little bit more than others. Wills is a known rugby fan and has been the vice royal patron of the Welsh Rugby Union since February 2007. Couldn't be more perfect!

I, personally, am looking forward to seeing Will and Kate post photos of little George wearing this jersey to Instagram, along with the caption: "Somebody had one too many beers and pooped his pants!" Just kidding. They would never write a dumb caption like that. But you know Will and Kate have propped George up, slapped a pair of sunglasses on him, took a photo of him, and sent it to friends with the caption: "Total chick magnet." That's so them.

What was the craziest baby gift you received? Do you think Prince George will wear this jersey?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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