Justin Timberlake Responds to Haters the Way Every Celeb Wishes They Could

justin timberlakeI'm a card-carrying member of the "Justin Timberlake Can Do No Wrong" club, but even if I wasn't, I'd be impressed by JT's interview in GQ's new "Men of the Year" issue. And no, it's got nothing to do with Timberlake's "new, longer 'do" (whatever, dude would look good wearing a bright red Bozo the clown wig) or visible chest hair. No, I'm impressed by what Justin Timberlake had to say, okay? And you will be too, I promise.

See, Timberlake gave the interview shortly after Variety magazine published an article called "Why Justin Timberlake Should Quit Acting" (which came out shortly after Timberlake's movie Runner Runner, co-starring Ben Affleck, tanked at the box office). As you can probably guess from the title, the Variety piece was pretty mean-spirited, to say the least. But no matter, because Timberlake turned those muthas OUT.


Here's what he had to say:

The movie didn't do well at the box office, so I should quit? Hold on a second. If I was somebody else, you wouldn't have said that. I have the number one album this week, and I shouldn't have released it? Come on, man. You sound like a dickhead ... It just shocked me because, like, you're trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it.

HA! Way to take on the haters, man! Seriously, I give the guy credit for coming right out and saying what probably every other performer who's been needlessly ripped to shreds by bitter critics has wanted to say: "And by the way, none of you can do it." 

DAMN STRAIGHT. Lucky for us, Justin Timberlake CAN do it. Since when have box office numbers been an indication of a film's worth, anyway? Most of the big hits from the past year put me to sleep, personally. (Literally.)

What do you think about Justin Timberlake's response to haters?


Image via GQ

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