New Pics of North West Show Kim Kardashian Doting on Her Daughter

It looks like Kim Kardashian is finally relaxing on this whole keeping North West mostly hidden from the public thing! She was recently photographed playing with North West on a balcony covered with potted plants.

She even lifted her into the air, you guys! Like into the air and into the view of a camera lens. And it’s confirmed: That baby is all kinds of cute.


Kim and fiancé Kanye West have been notoriously protective of their daughter’s privacy, doling out little glimpses of North at a time. Remember that one time Aunt Khloe Instagrammed just a photo of her niece’s arm? Talk about a tease!

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But it looks like Kim is settling into motherhood just fine, snuggling and loving on North, and entertaining her with a toy giraffe.

Both mama and baby looked fresh and beautiful in clean light neutral colors, which I’m sure stayed pristine for exactly two seconds, because when you’re a mom of a five-month-old, that’s exactly how long white and beige stay unstained.

Glad to see a “normal” moment between Kim and her kid. The Kardashians are, shall we say, drama central -- so it’s nice to know this kid has a chance at normalcy.

Plus North is so dang cute that the more pictures the better!

Why do you think Kim and Kanye have been so protective of their daughter being photographed?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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