Jenelle Evans Looks Adorable & Happy in Slew of Selfies (PHOTOS)

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is in quite the good mood today! It’s nice to see the notorious drama queen taking some time to just be silly and happy. Besides. She has new boots that she got for a bargain -- what girl wouldn’t be happy about that?

Yesterday and today, Jenelle’s tweet stream has been filled with happy sappy smiles and love for Jace and Nathan. Is it her man’s washboard stomach? Sweater weather? Her goofy and adorable kid in sunglasses? Who knows, but let’s take a moment to appreciate Jenelle appreciating life.



What's there not to be happy about when you're young, in love, have an adorable tot in tow, and your hair is fabulous?

Plus, not everyone can pull off the glasses look, and Jenelle looks adorbs.

Why do you think Jenelle is in such a good mood?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Twitter & Instagram

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