Catherine Giudici Is Already Ruining Her Wedding (PHOTO)

stella & dot necklaceGah. I know a lot of their wedding details are going to wind up being public knowledge because that's what happens when you're a reality TV star -- but shouldn't some of the fun stuff be a surprise? Apparently not, considering Catherine Giudici shared her bridesmaids' gifts on Twitter. Now all of the females in the wedding party know exactly what they'll be receiving as a token of thanks for standing up for her when she marries Sean Lowe. (Aside from all the other free shit they'll get from ABC, of course.)

She captioned the photo with, "It's hard to pick a gift to suit 12 bridesmaids, but this @stelladot Forever Together necklace should do the trick!"

Gee. I wonder what prompted her to spill the beans like this?


Yeah, I'm guessing she probably got the gifts free of charge courtesy of Stella & Dot in exchange for pimping them out on Twitter -- but don't you feel kinda bad for her bridesmaids?!?

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Sure, the necklace is really cute and all -- but one of the best parts of being in a wedding is the fun little gift you get from the bride right before the festivities start. Posting this pic ahead of time really ruins things, and in a way, it cheapens the whole wedding. It's obvious it's already turning into a marketing opp for brands and it hasn't even happened yet.

(Ugh. Is nothing sacred anymore?!?)

And if the bridesmaids' gifts have already leaked -- what's next? Photos of Sean's tux? Or Catherine's something borrowed and/or something blue

I know they have certain obligations that come with having a TV wedding, but hopefully they'll at least leave a little bit of mystery for their guests and for themselves. It would be such a shame for them to look back on their big day and realize they took the fun and excitement right out of it.

What did you give your bridesmaids as a gift? And was it a surprise?


Image via Twitter

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