Ellen DeGeneres Brings Good Deed Waitress to Tears with Amazing Gift (VIDEO)

They say no good deed goes unpunished, but in the case of Sarah Hoidahl, the 22-year-old Ruby Tuesdays waitress who performed a good deed by paying the $22 lunch check of two soldiers who had been furloughed during the government shutdown, the rewards for her good deed just keep on coming. First, Sarah was invited onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show a few weeks back, where Ellen not only repaid her the $22 -- but threw in a check for $10,000. However, when Ellen got wind that Sarah planned to spend the money to fix the broken-down car that she and her mother share, well, she wasn't going to let that happen!


Ellen's cameras snuck up on Sarah at a New Hampshire Ruby Tuesdays, where she thought she was being interviewed by a local station. But she was soon handed a phone and Ellen got on the horn. "Oh my god, I can't believe it's you!" Sarah cried, overwhelmed from hearing from the generous talk show host again, who by now surely must be her best friend.

Ellen asked how she planned to spend the $10,000 "tip" she'd been given awhile back, and Sarah confessed it was going into the car she shared with her mom, who uses it to drop Sarah's son off at daycare while Sarah is left to hitch a ride with her friends to work, even when they have days off.

"It gets us from point A to point B so we're doing good," Sarah sheepishly confessed.

Ellen then broke out her big purse and began fumbling around inside of it. "Last time you were here, I needed to give you something that I -- that's right, I don't have it."

She then called in a staff member, who walked into the restaurant and handed Sarah a pair of keys. "Those are keys to your brand new car!" Ellen informed her as Sarah broke down in hysterical happy tears.

Soon, the kind waitress was sitting behind the wheel of her brand spanking new red Santa Fe Sport. And bawling like a toddler faced with a mountain of Christmas gifts.

Awww. Good deeds do pay off. Especially if you've got a pal like Ellen.

Have you ever had a good deed go rewarded?



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