Kylie Jenner's Insensitive Tweet About Mental Illness Reminds Us She's 16

Kylie Jenner is beginning to receive the kind of haterade usually reserved for her sister Kim. First, she was accused of underage drinking and partying and acting like a "diva" in a hotel. She's also gotten some flack for dressing WAY older than her age. Now she's caused an uproar with an insensitive tweet about her hair. I know, it seems unlikely that a tweet about hair could enrage people, but Kylie somehow managed it.



Kylie wrote:


Now of course you can't make a lighthearted jokey comment about mental illness, people! Not in this day and age. Negative responses included:

-That was 100% the dumbest and most ignorant use of the word bipolar.

- No, you're not "so Bipolar," you're indecisive ... and a moron

- Lost even more respect for Kylie Jenner referring to herself as "bipolar" I doubt she is even aware of the actual symptoms of that disease.
-Missing a hair color isn't one of the symptoms, fyi.
- Kylie jenner with her "i'm bipolar" makes me sick.
Okay, that wasn't the most sensitive thing to say. But think about yourself at 16. Was everything you said sensitive, diplomatic, and politically correct? Sure as hell wasn't with me.
The problem is that Kylie Jenner is famous, and I wasn't. Kylie Jenner has 5 million followers, and I didn't. So Kylie Jenner can't just go around saying whatever she wants and not cause any ripples.
However, I'm sure this little gaffe will be forgotten by tomorrow. What'd she say again?
Do you think she deserved the criticism?
Image via Kylie Jenner/Twitter
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