Ryan Gosling Has a Doppelganger & He’s a Hot Australian Cop

You guys. There are two people on the planet that look like Ryan Gosling. And one of them is Australian. Yes, you heard me -- Ryan Gosling’s face with an Aussie accent. Are you swooning yet?

Police officer Grant Hazell, 35, says that being mistaken for the 32-year-old movie star dreamboat is just a part of life. He said, “He’s a cool guy and a great actor … it’s not a bad thing to look like one of Hollywood’s most wanted men.”


No, no it’s not, Mr. Hazell.

He says that women would stop him all the time, convinced he was Gosling, and sometimes no amount of telling them he wasn’t would convince them. “[One woman] told me she had seen all my movies and that she was in love with me,” he said. “When I said I wasn’t actually him, she didn’t believe me. It was a surreal conversation.”

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So he did what any married father of two (I know -- drat) trying to support a family would do and began seeking modeling and impersonation jobs.

“I’m lucky that it comes quite naturally,” he said. “I frown a lot, which helps.”

If there are two of them, what do you think the chances are of there being three?


Image via Xoyos.com/Flickr

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