Bethenny Frankel Says Her Divorce Isn't What It Seems

bethenny frankelFormer Real Housewives of New York star-turned-talk show host Bethenny Frankel has had her life put under a microscope for years, but it wasn't until her divorce from Jason Hoppy that things got rather intense. Paparazzi has trailed the now-single mom, often while with her 3-year-old Bryn, all over Manhattan, and varied reports offer new and not always true details about the split. Given how Bethenny has described her ongoing divorce as "a brutal, brutal time," we can only imagine how rough it must be to contend with that in the public eye.

While catching up with us during an intimate sit-down Q&A yesterday, the straight-talking entrepreneur spoke candidly about her divorce being documented so closely by the media -- and what's next for her when it comes to love ...


When asked about the difficulty of divorcing in public, Bethenny admitted:

Divorces are like ice cream. There are a lot of different flavors ... some can be amicable, and some can be very peaceful and easy, and some can be really brutal. And I honestly did not have any idea how difficult, to say the least, it could be. Doing it in the public is very frustrating in ways, because people don't know the whole story. I'm pretty straightforward, [but] people probably know about 10 percent of the story. And I can't share the story, and it's intense, so that can be a little frustrating, cuz I'm the one who's out there, and I'm the one who can be polarizing. But not everything is what it seems.  

Ugh. I so feel for her ... Divorce is hard enough in general without people always guessing and believing they actually know what happened and what's going on behind closed doors. Bethenny has built an EMPIRE on being unapologetically herself, and yet, she can't share the details about this extremely challenging, difficult, painful part of her life. If that isn't a case for people to hold their judgment, I don't know what is.

In the meantime, though, she made it clear she's not considering dating right now. When asked about what she'd look for in a man in the future, Bethenny replied:

It's just like having food poisioning and not wanting to eat again. I mean, it's like saying, "Let's go to a restauarant!" I don't know. It's one of the things you think you should be doing, like a sport. "I should be working out" ... "I should be dating, I should be entertaining that!" So, in theory, it sounds somewhat appetizing, but in reality, it doesn't seem to be all that interesting to me right now.

Good for her. All too often we feel like we should be doing something when we're just not emotionally ready for it. And everyone deserves all the time they need to heal before putting their toe back in the stressful waters of dating! 

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I'm sure that when/if the time is right, Bethenny will take it on just like she does everything else: By unapologetically putting who she really is out there. And really, there's no better way to move on and up.

Do you agree Bethenny should be in no rush to start dating again? Do you feel for her going through the divorce so publicly?


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