Tom Cruise's Latest Gaffe Should Enrage Soldiers

Tom CruiseThe worst thing in the world Tom Cruise could have done is sue a publisher for saying he "abandoned" his daughter Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes. While it's true that no father wants to be thought of as having abandoned his daughter, and Tom has a right to feel outraged, the reality is that that headline was long forgotten. It had faded into celebrity gossip ether. No one, except maybe Tom, remembered it.

But now Tom has been grilled by lawyers and forced to answer all kinds of questions about his parenting, and all of that new stuff is making the rounds, and it's not even gossip. It's coming straight from the Scientologist's mouth. And much of it hasn't been so flattering. Like the fact that Tom admits that one of the reasons Katie put forth for divorcing Tom was to get Suri out of Scientology. That was bad enough. Now comes this new tidbit: Tom says that filming movies is just like a soldier serving in Afghanistan! WHAT?


TMZ reports that in his deposition, Tom said that filming his last movie was a total CHORE. In fact, it was much like serving in the war. He reportedly said:

That's what it feels like [serving in Afghanistan]. And certainly on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal. There is difficult physical stamina and preparation. Sometimes I've spent months, a year, and sometimes two years preparing for a single film.

OMG, Tom, are you for real? While preparing for a movie might be physically taxing and involve long hours, it's not exactly serving in the trenches! You've got a luxurious trailer. There are people catering to your every need. You've got hair, makeup, wardrobe. You've got whatever kind of food your heart desires. You've got five-star hotels. Private jets. You've got people to rub your feet and neck and give you an "audit" if you need it. Plus, you get paid like a gazillion dollars for all that hard work!

And, most importantly, no one is trying to blow you to smithereens! Very doubtful you will come back from a movie set missing an eye or leg or suffering from PTSD.

Tom, the best thing you could do for yourself right now is stop this lawsuit and keep yer yap shut.

Do you think Tom was out of line?

Update: Some media outlets are reporting that Cruise's words were taken out of context. According to CCN, Cruise's lawyer did compare his working overseas on movies to being in the military, because his lawyer was trying to make the point that parents who have to spend long periods of time away from home aren't necessarily "abandoning" their kids. Cruise then said that filming his last movie "felt" like being in Afghanistan because it was "brutal" but then pressed as to whether he equated making movies with serving in Afghanistan, he said, "Oh come on. You know, we're making a movie." Better? You be the judge.


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