Beyonce's Fans Don't Want Her Going to Kim & Kanye's Wedding

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In the tabloid world, there's all this drama between Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. According to the gossipmongers, Kanye West begged Beyonce to visit their daughter. Apparently Beyonce gave the duo a crazy expensive baby gift (a crystal-studded chair, to be exact) even after Kim tried to steal the spotlight from Jay-Z. Well whether or not Beyonce actually has a problem with Ms. Kardashian, her fans totally do. In fact, they're boycotting her wedding. They're petitioning against it. So far 250 of Beyonce's fans have signed a petition asking her to please "rain check that train wreck of a wedding."

Whoa, Beyhive, that's intense. But it gets better! They've even come up with suggestions for excuses Beyonce can use to get out of the (most likely E! televised) affair. And regardless if these fans are slightly delusional, their excuses are pretty funny. Here, let's take a look, shall we?


Now, just remember, these are Beyonce's fans' words -- not mine:

1. Extend the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour for as long as possible -- be on tour for their wedding. Tell them you're busy and business always comes first.

2. Blue Ivy has the flu -- you cant attend a wedding when your baby is sick.

3. You have something better to do -- you are Beyonce you always have something better to do than to attend a Kim Kardashian wedding.

4. Say that you have a meeting with the President and the First Lady -- who would say no to the president, especially when your other choice is to attend a Kim Kardashian wedding.

5. Simply say no -- tell the bitch no. Simple as that.

Hope these tips help in your decision making Bey.

BTW if you do go to their wedding, do us all the favor and throw a knife at that bitch.

HA! Honestly, "throw a knife at that bitch" is most certainly the topping to their delusional sundae -- ain't it?

I commend these Beyonce fans for wanting to have some input in their idol's actions, but let's face the facts here: there's no way she's NOT going to the nuptials. I mean, Jay-Z and Kanye are total bros, and it's going to be a pretty epic gathering of A-list celebrities considering Kanye wants a HUGE wedding. And come on -- you know there are going to be crazy performers, and I wouldn't be surprised if every guest gets to leave with a puppy party favor Bridesmaids-style.

With that said, I also wouldn't be surprised if Bey's stylist momma is already brewing up wardrobe suggestions in her head. Sorry Beyhive, I think this one's a done deal. 

What celebrity couple's wedding would you die to attend, past or future?


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