Kate Middleton's Surprising Secret Hobby Reveals a Whole New Side of Her

kate middleton poppy dayThere's no doubt Duchess Catherine has fascinated us all -- and rightfully so! Besides injecting new, fresh, young life into the royal world, she's clearly a trendsetter in so many ways, a style icon, a philanthropist, etc. But we've heard -- and seen! -- how much she enjoys sports, who knew she had a secret adventurous streak!? I say that because apparently ... Kate Middleton's taken flying lessons! So awesome!

While riding a double-decker Routemaster bus during London Poppy Day yesterday, the Duchess revealed to a group of RAF officers, "My grandfather flew planes. I've had a few lessons on fixed wing." Whaa? Who knew?!


I guess it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, considering that her family has a rich history in aviation. The grandfather she mentioned was Peter Middleton, an RAF fighter pilot who used the wing tips of his Mosquito warplane to divert deadly German "doodlebug" flying bombs away from London. Her father was a dispatcher for British Airways, and her mother was a flight attendant. And of course, until recently, her husband, Prince William, was with the RAF flying search and rescue helicopters, while her brother-in-law Prince Harry is an Apache pilot, who apparently has also taken some fixed-wing lessons himself. As the Daily Mail points out, perhaps Harry could offer Kate some pointers, if she's interested in pursuing further training.

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Either way, it's easy to be taken aback by this news, because Catherine's never really revealed herself to have such risk-taking hobbies! But it's awesome to hear that she has some aviation experience under her belt. Even more proof that the most modern Princess is about way more than shaking hands, kissing babies, and setting fashion trends! She's supremely brave, bold, and badass to boot!

Are you surprised by Kate's confession?

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