Kanye West Has Big Plans for Kim Kardashian & Baby North

kim and kanye I can't dislike Kanye West. I can't do it. I've tried, but it just can't be done. Anyone who so unabashedly and forthrightly proclaims their brilliance so regularly and on a vast public scale is someone I think is awesome. I mean, would a little hubris kill the guy? No. But Kanye West is his own advocate -- and that's baller.

In his continuing mission for world domination (it's happening, you guys, just accept it now), he's Svengali'ing the hell out of his future bride Kim Kardashian. I don't think Kim minds being controlled in this way. I mean, her life has been about achieving a cray-cray level of stardom. Now she's with a dude eager to give it to her. The stardom. Probably also his turgid member, but hey, that's neither here nor there. Apparently Kanye believes that he and Kim K. will soon out power-couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. Watch the throne indeed.


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Mark my words. In five years, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will be considered a cooler couple than Jay and Bey. I know it seems crazy, but think about how driven Kanye is. Did you think when "Gold Digger" blew up that the dude responsible for it would still be around? Even after the publicity disaster of the "George Bush does not care about the black people," and the potentially even more infamous "Ima let you finish but ..." moments? No. Yet 'Ye abides.

I'm a feminist, and I will admit to finding it alarming that the working vibe we get from the Kimye story is one of subjugation. Kanye is remaking Kim into a more "acceptable" less reality-powered star. Then I sit back and remind myself that Kim is no fool. She's used every possible moment in her adult life to power her career forward. If she didn't want to be with Kanye -- she wouldn't be. Don't believe me, ask Kris Humphries. BURN. BURN, KRIS HUMPHRIES.

Do you think Kimye is headed for real international stardom?


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