Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Move 1 Step Closer to a Split

Khloe Kardashian house

We've all been holding out hope that somehow they'll manage to overcome the odds and stay together, but now that Khloe Kardashian is reportedly selling her home -- things aren't looking optimistic for her and Lamar Odom.

Yep. According to TMZ, Khloe and Lamar are "secretly" bidding adieu to that fancy mansion with the cool-as-heck movie theater room. They're setting it up as a pocket listing instead of pimping it out to the general public.

And for around $4 million, the Tarzana home can be yours. I guess by California standards, that's really not such a bad price; plus, it's the home of a couple reality stars, which is kinda cool.


But let's shift gears for a second. If Khloe and Lamar are willing to give up their pad -- it certainly doesn't bode well for their future as a couple.

It definitely seems like a huge sign that they're going their separate ways. And you can't blame either of them for wanting to move into new spaces if they really are splitting up.

Who wants to live in a house full of all sorts of memories, both good and bad? Given how rocky the road has been for the two of them lately, I can't imagine either of them wanting to remain in a place where they were once so happy -- before everything started to go downhill.

I guess it's always possible that Khloe and Lamar are simply hoping to move to a new place so they can have a fresh start -- but something tells me unloading the home is probably the beginning of the real end for them.

Man. What a shame. Moving out of that pad is going to be so tough -- especially for poor Khloe. But at this point, selling the mansion and starting over is probably exactly what she needs to do to get back to a happy place again.

Would you want to live in your house if you and your husband split?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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