10 Reasons 'Love Actually' Is Still the Best Rom Com 10 Years Later (VIDEOS)

love actuallyThat's right, folks, Love Actually is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. And that makes me feel insanely, ridiculously old. This movie really came out in 2003? A decade ago? I could have sworn it was something more like 2010ish or so, right?

But that just goes to show how beloved this movie is ... a rare feat of staying power for any romantic comedy. It had something for everyone, and not all the characters had a happily ever after. Multiple huge ensemble flicks have come out since surrounding holidays, but this one does it best. So, 10 years later, we have to celebrate a little and gear up for one of the most romantic times of the year!

Check out 10 of the best moments of Love Actually in honor of the movie's 10th year. While I sign up for my AARP membership.


1. Isn't this the most original, sweetest, most heartfelt declaration of unrequited love we've ever seen on film? Yes, yes it is:

2. Can't go through a day in December without hearing "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Though this young girl's version totally trumps Mariah Carey's if you ask me:

3. Poor Colin is desperate to get laid, so what better place to go than America, where gorgeous women (including Betty Draper) will fawn over his adorable British accent?

4. Love him or hate him, Hugh Grant charms as the Prime Minister, and his dance moves ain't so bad either:

5. This is the best sendoff for a wedding any rom com fan has ever seen. All single women secretly want to do this for their wedding ... even though they can't since everyone will immediately know where they stole it from:

6. A grammatically incorrect proposal gets even more hot when it's Colin Firth delivering it.

7. I take it back, this might be the best Christmas song in existence. Kind of has you wondering though how many songs you could sing "Christmas" instead of "love" and it'd still make sense ...

8. One of the more heartbreaking scenes when Professor Trelawney, ahem I mean Emma Thompson finds out that Professor Snape, pardon me, Alan Rickman has been having an affair:

9. Nothing quite like young love, is there? Not to mention how amazingly sweet and sensitive Liam Neeson is as Sam's stepdad:

10. And why not end with one of the most dysfunctional, funny bromances of all time. "It's a terrible, terrible mistake, chubs. But you turned out to be the fucking love of my life."

One of the best rom coms ever, right? Maybe you can take a few hours to watch Love Actually tonight to celebrate its anniversary and to get into the holiday spirit. Cheers to 10 more years!

What was your favorite scene in Love Actually? Which ones did I miss?


Image via dorune/YouTube

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