Desiree Hartsock's Defensive Side May Signal the End for Her & Chris

Des and Chris

With all of the hoopla surrounding Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's upcoming wedding, the pressure has been off Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried as far as maintaining a solid relationship in the public eye.

Think about it for a second -- when was the last time you heard about something going on with those two? Other than Des and Chris saying they'll have a TV wedding right after Sean and Catherine's big day was announced, they've really been off the radar lately.


And that's why it seems a little strange that Desiree has been posting philosophical stuff to Twitter and Instagram -- giving the indication that she's having a tough time dealing with her haters. (I feel ya, honey -- but they kind of come with the territory.)

A couple of days ago, she shared this photo with a Steve Jobs quote on Instagram. (I know it's hard, but do your best to ignore the grammatical error.)

Steve Jobs quote

Huh. Pretty poignant. And definitely a great reminder to all of us.

And then she offered these words of wisdom to her Twitter followers:

Interesting. I know she's trying to be all happy go lucky and positive -- but it's obvious from these messages that someone (or a multitude of peeps) is getting under Des' skin these days.

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If she really doesn't care about her critics or their opinions, then why does she feel it necessary to call them out? I know it's tough not to get defensive sometimes, but if she really wants to silence her haters -- the best thing Des can do is to just keep quiet and go about her life without acknowledging them. You know, like Sean and Catherine have been doing ever since their proposal in Thailand aired. People did everything in their power to tear those two to shreds -- but now they're happier than ever and getting hitched and have successfully proven the doubters wrong.

If Des wants her relationship with Chris to last for the long haul, she's going to have to learn to turn a blind eye to all of the criticism coming her way. It's only going to get worse once her wedding date rolls around.

Do you think living in the public eye will eventually break up Des and Chris?


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