Kourtney Kardashian's Silver Sequin Dress Is as Cute as It Gets (PHOTO)

Kourtney KardashianOMG. Check out Kourtney Kardashian's silver sequin dress, which she was spotted wearing while out and about in New York City yesterday. Is this the cutest damn thing you've ever seen, or is this the cutest damn thing you've ever seen?!? (I want it.)

Seriously -- I absolutely adore everything about this look. It's simple. It's sexy. And it's sophisticated and classy even though it has such a youthful vibe going on. The white collar and little black bow give it just the right touch, and paired with simple black pumps, this has to be one of Kourt's best outfits to date.


In addition to being all sorts of adorable, this dress really shows off just how tiny Kourtney is. She's incredibly petite, and it's obvious that having two babies hasn't done much harm to her enviable figure. (Yes, I know that's a typical celeb thing and we shouldn't be all that surprised, but just go with it.)

But I think what I'm really digging most about this frock is how young it makes Kourt look. Ok, so she's not exactly over the hill at 34 (far from it) -- but if you didn't know who she was, wouldn't you think she was in her 20s?

She doesn't appear to be a day over ... say 25 in this dress, which is a total win-win no matter how you look at it. (You find me one 30-something who doesn't dream of being in her 20s again. Go ahead and try.)

I know she's a celeb and it's kind of a faux pas to be seen in the same outfit twice, but hopefully Kourt won't hang up this little number in her closet forever. It's too cute to only wear once!

Do you tend to gravitate toward clothes that make you feel younger?


Image via Splash

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