'Duck Dynasty' Star Pulls a Miley Cyrus at Country Music Awards (VIDEO)

Duck Dynasty Country Music AwardsAmerica, there are some things you cannot unsee. Think Miley Cyrus twerking onstage at the VMAs in a teddy bear onesie with her tongue out. Then there are the things that make you glad cable companies finally made it possible to hit "rewind" on live television. Think Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson twerking at the Country Music Awards.

I rewound and checked. It really happened. The opening of the the 47th Annual Country Music Awards turned into a Miley Cyrus roast, and a man who probably hasn't shaved since the first George Bush was president got his twerk on.


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The Duck Commander dudes were on hand to help Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood with their Blurred Lines parody, Duck Blinds. And the hosts took more than a few shots at Miley tonight. Said Brad to Taylor Swift:

Taylor, you've grown up right before our very eyes..I want to thank you for never humping a teddy bear or gyrating with Beetlejuice.

And Carrie chimed in with her own joke on the topic:

I gotta say, if anyone in music today was gonna be caught naked licking a hammer, I think we all thought it'd be Blake Shelton.

Then came Brad in his own Beetlejuice suit a la Robin Thicke, and a Nashville Predators foam claw that Carrie kept far from her nether regions (thank God), followed by the hairy reality stars out onstage dancing and, well, as Willie said:

I'm pretty sure I just twerked with Carrie Underwood.

Hey, didn't Billy Ray say he wish he'd twerked at the CMAs 20 years ago when he was defending his daughter's scandalous VMAs' performance? Maybe he was on to something.

Check out the twerk:

Did it seem like there was an awful lot of Miley going on at the CMAs?


Image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images


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