Ashton Kutcher Will Propose to Mila Kunis As Soon as His Divorce Is Final

ashton kutcher mila kunisApparently, the only thing stopping Ashton Kutcher from proposing to his long-time(ish) girlfriend, Mila Kunis, is his pesky wife. I hate it when that happens! According to reports, Ashton and Mila have been wanting to get engaged for a while now (but, again, that whole "other marriage" thing has been getting in the way); and, so says UK paper, The Sun, they will do just that once the divorce is finalized. Actually, they said finalised

And guess what, Kutcher/Kunis fanboys and girls? Ashton and Demi's divorce is going to be official next week! Get your sharpies ready! I smell a commemorative issue of Tiger Beat coming on ...


As the Daily Mail tells it, Ashton is chomping at the bit to have his divorce with Demi finalized so he can immediately whisk Mila off to Hawaii to put a ring on her finger. The couple both wants to "marry and have children", but his dragged-out, bitter divorce had been "casting a cloud over" their relationship. I could see how that would happen.

If Ashton and Mila are happy together, which they seem like they are, good for them. They should get married. But full disclosure here since we're all friends, I am a little skeptical of his ability to stay faithful to her. Sure, his (alleged) infidelity to Demi could have been a one off thing, but you know what they never say: Once a cheater, probably never a cheater again.

On another note, Demi seems to have moved on with her life also, which makes me happy. Last I heard she was dating her ex-boyfriend's father, and I think that's just about as sweet as a sour apple Jolly Rancher dipped in honey, then coated in sugar. She, more than anyone in this world (okay, maybe not anyone in this world), deserves to be happy after the public humiliation Kutcher put her through.

So, I guess congrats are in order all around in the little corner of the world called Hollywood. Sometimes, endings really are as happy as the movies. Then again, sometimes they just result in really shitty sequels.

What do you think of Ashton and Mila getting enagaged? Do you think he'll be faithful?


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