Will Smith Gets Jiggy With Young Co-Star While Wife Jada Isn't Around

Rumors have been heating up that one of Hollywood's most enduring couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, are on the verge of divorce. Of course, we hear this about them every few years -- and they're still together. But this latest rumor is backed up by PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE, Y'ALL. Will and his Focus co-star, a young beautiful blonde named Margot Robbie, got jiggy wit it in a photobooth. Lookie here, she lifted her shirt and flashed her bra at Will while he lifted his shirt and pressed his bare chest against her. Then they took some pics that his assistant promptly confiscated. But I guess they weren't confiscated too well since they then appear on the cover of Star magazine!! Oh. My. Gawd.


Hmmm ... but could this just be two co-stars having a bit of fun? Is that allowed?

Maybe, but to hear the eyewitness who blabbed about the incident tell it, the couple were one step away from doing the horizontal mambo in front of other partygoers:

He wasn’t acting like a married man; he gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship. What kind of married man would go into a photo booth with a sexy 23-year-old girl and start to undress? ... They were hanging all over each other, laughing like they were a new couple in love.

Sheesh, this eyewitness sounds like he or she has a serious stick up his or her ass.

More From The Stir: Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Opens Up About Her 'Open Marriage' to Will Smith

Jada has always shot down rumors that the couple have an "open" relationship, but says that Will is a "grown man" who can "do whatever" he wants. "Because we trust each other," she scolded on her Facebook page.

Soooo maybe Jada wouldn't mind Will getting his flirt on (and his shirt off) with some chick in a photobooth. But what about the fact that the costars also supposedly left the party together and were "gone all night"?

Hey, maybe they went over to Jada's place!

Anyway, this doesn't seem to serious to me; then again, I never believed that Johnny Depp would leave the mother of his children for his young blonde co-star. I'm kinda dense that way.

Do you think Will and Jada are in trouble?


Image via Star magazine

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