Jenelle Evans Gets Lippy About Farrah Abraham Again

Jenelle Evans loves to bash Farrah Abraham on Twitter. Remember the time Farrah got kicked out of rehab and Jenelle tweeted, “At least I can say I've never been kicked out of a rehab. Lol!” Or what about when she commented on Farrah’s sex tape, “So u recorded both of u, while u guys had sex? Skanky... 2 Kudos to u,” that started an online war between the two?

Ms. Jenelle just can’t keep well enough to herself, which may or may not be bad news for her, but it’s fantastic for those of us that can’t peel our eyes away from the ridiculous antics of reality celebrities. On Tuesday night, Jenelle tweeted that she couldn't even see Farrah's teeth anymore.


It’s probably in response to Farrah's latest keek video, in which, yes, her lips looks rather super-sized. She also seems to be fumbling with her words a little bit, likely because it takes a tremendous amount of effort to open and close her mouth with those giant things on her face.

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Oh Jenelle and Farrah ... what are we going to do with you two? Grab some popcorn, that’s what!

Which is worse more entertaining -- Farrah’s obsession with plastic surgery, or Jenelle’s inability to leave her alone?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Keek

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